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Rules and Regulations

  1. Students are required to attend all periods without fail. Attendance at classroom is compulsory during class time (morning, afternoon) and non-class time ( noon, after Maghrib and Isha prayers)
  2. 75% attendance in normal case and 65% in case of prolonged illness is mandatory. Any student failing to fulfil the said attendance requirements will not be allowed to appear for the annual examination. It should be noted that the leave days will not be regarded as attendance.
  3. Unexcused absence of 20 days in a row will result in expulsion.
  4. Students are bound to perform all five prayers in congregation.
  5. Students must adhere to Shariah rules with respect to appearance and lifestyle. A student with a beard below one fist will not be allowed to stay at Madrasa.
  6. Madrasa administration, teachers and other employees must be treated with respect and regard. Any misconduct or indecent behavior to them will be considered as an unforgivable offence.
  7. Truancy will be reckoned to be a serious offence. Such a student will be strictly interrogated.
  8. Besides abiding by all the rules and regulations, no disturbance and uproar should be created.
  9. Students will have to reside in the room allotted by thehostel warden and won't be allowed to enter other rooms or have meals there.
  10. Students are not permitted to have mobile phones, strict action will be taken against the offenders.
  11. Students are supposed to be polite and courteous in terms of word and deed as well as clean in dress. They are obligated to avoid harmful things like tobacco, cigarette, bidi, gutka and so on.
  12. If a student runs away from Madrasa or goes missing or God forbid! has an accident or suffers from a fatal disease, the institution won't be responsible for it.