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Maulana Abdussattar Sahab

Head of teaching staff members

Maulana Abdussattar Sahab is one of the most eligible and distinguished alumni of Khadimul-Uloom. He is silent and calm in nature and punctual to fulfilling the religious duties. He dislikes backbiting, therefore avoids such meetings too. He is so fond of the Holy Qur’an that due to its frequent recitation, he has a good recall of the Holy Qur’an’s verses.

Maulana is an intelligent and brilliant person. He always has a logical and immediate answer to his converser’s question. He has excellent teaching skills and is able to make the students comprehend and understand things in a clear and easy way that is why he is popular among them. He presently holds the position of the head of teaching staff members (Sadrul Mudarriseen) and in-charge of educational affairs (Nazim-e-Talimat). Although he has been performing these duties since 2000 but was officially appointed to the same in 2006.

His home land, the village of Tighri, is 11 kilometers from Deoband. He got primary education (Hindi, Mathematics and basic Islamic studies etc.) in his village. He completed the memorization of the Holy Qur’an and intonation (Tajweed) in Madrasa Asgharia, Deoband, then accomplished a three year combined course of Islamic and modern subjects (Fouqaniya) along with the pre-Fadhilat Islamic studies (Alimiyat) in Khadimul-Uloom, after that he got admission to Darul-Uloom Deoband, where he perused graduation (Fadhilat) in January 1995 and some additional studies in 1996. After completing his education, he became a teacher at Madrasa Islamia Arabia Khadimul-Uloom, Baghonwali. As a teacher and being promoted later as the head of teaching staff members, he has been performing his duties in a diligent and graceful manner. Solitude and perseverance are the parts of his temperament. He always completes works in time and the same he expects from others as well.