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Hostel Rules and Regulations

  1. Salah must be performed in congregation with first Takbeer.
  2. All emphasized Sunna prayers especially Sunna before Zohr Salah must be observed.
  3. Students are recommended to follow every Sunnah of Friday and reach the mosque before first Azan on Friday.
  4. Students are advised to keep their rooms locked during Salah and class times. If not, theft may be committed or attempted by someone.
  5. It is forbidden to have meeting with the students from other rooms or invite them to feast.
  6. It is strictly prohibited to enter others' rooms after Isha prayer.
  7. No visitor/guest is allowed to stay in hostel at night without prior permission of the chief warden.
  8. Students are not permitted to use others' belongings without their consent or go to others' beds unnecessarily.
  9. Students are advised to go to bed just after 11 p.m. No activity especially cooking is allowed after 11 o'clock.
  10. If a student has any complaint or problem with someone, he should immediately report it to the warden and not take any action by himself.
  11. It is vital to protect your belongings and money. Never be careless in this regard.
  12. Students are supposed to observe the way of life of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up and caring out all other activities. ( All the students are urged to learn by heart the etiquette of eating drinking and sleeping etc.)
  13. Students must keep the rooms and their verandas neat and clean.
  14. Every possible effort must be made not to offend anybody.
  15. Students are highly advised to say Salam while entering the room.
  16. Clothing should be in accordance with Sharia and Sunnah; pyjamas and lungi should be above the ankles, hair should not be fashionable.
  17. Don't get irritated if something goes against the grain, or rather, be patient to capacity. Neither be aggressive nor use foul language.
  18. Start preparing for Salah (prayer) immediately after waking up.
  19. Call each other by name, use polite and standard language in your daily conversation. Avoid promoting slang words and expressions.
  20. Bring meals from mess covered with lid and food-cover. Don't fling water or soup through the window.
  21. Students must turn off all the electrical equipments & lights before leaving their rooms as well as avoid ironing while the generator is on.
  22. Respect bread and paper please. Dump the rotten food into the bin only. Don't shake dining-table cloth along with breadcrumbs nor throw them around. Give the extra breads back to the mess.
  23. Never play Ludo or Carom Board etc.
  24. Don't have dinner too late and don't go to bed immediately after having supper.
  25. A monitor should be appointed at each room to manage the above-mentioned guidelines. It is also the duty of the monitor to immediately inform the warden if he observes something against the above instructions.