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Admission Rules & Books Prescribed for Entrance Exam

  1. Every student must carry with him a passport size photo, government ID (Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Ration Card) as well as a photo of his parent or legal guardian. If not, admission cannot be granted
  2. Islamic lifestyle is mandatory. Students with shaved beards, pyjamas below the ankles and such a dress and a hairstyle not appreciated by Sharia are not eligible for admission form.
  3. Non-regional students can only take admission to Alimiat and pre-Alimiat courses.
  4. Only local and non-resident students are eligible for admission in Nazira and Junior High School. Resident students will not be admitted in these departments.

Entrance Exam Syllabus

Takmeel-e-Ifta (Islamic jurisprudence) Hidayah Vol. 3,4, Noor-al-anwar, Asalib-al-insha
Takmeel-e-Adab (Arabic language and literature) Sufficient knowledge of Arabic grammar, translation of sentences from Arabic into Urdu and vice-versa based on phrases and clauses, any of the books of Sihah-e-sittah
English Department Hidayah1,2, Alqira'ah-al-waziha 3, basic knowledge of English language
Daura-e-Hadith (Fazeelat) Mishkat-al-masabih, Hidayah 3, 4, Sharh-e-aqaid
Alimiat Class 5 th Mukhtasar-al-ma'ani, Hidayah 1,2,Noor-al-anwar, Sullam-al-uloom
Alimiat Class 4 th Qudoori, Sharh-e-jami , Usool-al-shashi, Alqira'ah-al-waziha 3
Alimiat class 3 rd Noor-al-eezah, Hidayat-al-nahw, Ilm-al-seegha, Mirqat, Alqira'ah-al-waziha 2
Alimiat Class 2nd Nahw-e-meer , Sharhumiatiaamil, Mizan&Munshaib,Panjganj, Asanmantiq, Miftah-al-Arabia
Alimiat class 1st Taiseer-al-mubtadi, Farsi kipehli, Hamd-e-Baari, Gulzar-e-dabistan, Urdu reading and dictation
Pre-Alimiat class Recitation of the holy Qur'an with correct pronunciation, Urdu reading and dictation