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A Brief Introduction of Madrasa Khadimul-Uloom

Khadimul-Uloom is a renowned Islamic seminary in India. Its foundation was laid down by the prominent Islamic scholars and religious leaders of India, as; Al-hajj Deputy Abdul Raheem sb. Muzaffarnagari, Founder of Tabligh, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas sb. Kandhlavi. Great spiritual leader, Hazrat Maulana Abdul Qadir sb. Raipuri and Shaykh-ul-Hadith Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Zakaria sb. Kandhlavi and so forth.

There is a good management for basic Persian language, 6-year Fazilat course (graduation in Islamic Studies), in addition to Ifta course, one-year Arabic Literature and tow-year Anglo-Arabic diploma (only for Ulama), Primary & junior high school along with diploma in computer, Nazrah-Qura’n, Hifz-e-Qura’n. Due to the extraordinary reputation of the seminary, a large number of students from different states of the country come here to study religious and modern sciences.

Madrasa Khadimul-Uloom was established, in British imperialism, to protect religion and faith of Muslims, as other Madrasas (Islamic schools) came into existence, to revive religious rites, in different parts of the country. Madrasa Khadimul-Uloom is located about 25 km towards South from Deoband and 5 km towards North from Muzaffarnagar.

The Madrasa, since its establishment, has been functioning under an Advisory Board (Shura’h), consisting of 30 members, including the President of the Advisory Board, the Manager and the Rector of the Madrasa. There is a rector to oversee the activities of Madrasa and a head master to keep a watchful eye on educational affairs. A large number of teachers is always engaged in educating and schooling the students.