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Maulana Hamid Hasan

The Rector of Madrasa Khadimul-Uloom
(till date)

From a teacher to rector

Maulana Hamid Hasan is one among those great personalities who always proved themselves as loyal servants of Khadimul-Uloom. Having a long association with Khadimul-Uloom, he performed comprehensive services and worked in different positions: as a teacher, librarian and pro-rector. He now holds the most significant position of the rector (Mohtamim). Throughout his long career, the interest of Khadimul-Uloom remained his top priority..

Early age and education

Maulana Hamid Hasan was born in 1963 in the village of Phulasi, 10 kilo-meters away from Deoband. He grew up in a good atmosphere. He got admission to Darul-Uloom Deoband in 1974, and memorized the Holy Qur’an. He did in 1978 a one year course in Persian Language and completed his primary education in the very Darul-Uloom Deoband. Then having enrolled at Khadimul-Uloom, he accomplished here, a three year combined course of Islamic and modern subjects (Fouqaniya) and the pre-Fadhilat Islamic studies (Alimiyat) during which, he acquired knowledge from great personalities such as: Maulana Mohammad Haneef- the former rector of Khadimul-Uloom, Maulana Jameel Ahmad Mazahiri, Maulana Masood and Maulana Abdul Jabbar etc. Finally he went again to Darul-Uloom Deoband and pursued his graduation (Fadhilat) in 1986.

Teaching and non-teaching services

After completing graduation in Darul-Uloom Deoband, he was appointed as a teacher at Khadimul-Uloom. Besides teaching, Maulana Jameel Ahmad, the former in-charge of educational affairs, used to assign him to various tasks particularly the library and educational affairs. Along with teaching and library, he also handled the educational affairs diligently. He renovated the library and tried his best to provide unique books as well as sufficient collections of precious books on every subject. When he was exempted from the library, it was well organized library filled with valuable books on each subject.

The educational affairs’ office was also in complete disarray. He organized it, put everything in order, made registers and kept records, so that any problem would not arise in future. This achievement increased Maulana Jameel Ahmad’s confidence in him and he practically, remained in-charge of the educational affairs.

As pro-rector (Na’eb Mohtamim)

Maulana Mohammad Haneef- the former rector also placed his confidence in him, which continued to grow with the passage of time. Therefore, when Maulana Mohammd Haneef felt alone in his old age and after the death of Maulana Jameel Ahmad in 1996, he appointed him as his deputy (pro-rector) with the approval of the advisory board and announced his appointment on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr.

Maulana Hamid Hasan, in his capacity as pro-rector has rendered significant services over a span of fifteen years. His tenure as pro-rector began at the time when Maulana Jameel Ahmad -adynamic personality of Khadimul-Uloom- had already passed away and the rector (Mohtamim)-Maulana Mohammad Haneef was in his old age. In this difficult situation, he handled everything with care, by consulting the rector (Mohtamim) as often as needed and making himself available at each event.

During this time, Khadimul-Uloom experienced all round development. The system of memorizing and learning the Holy Qur’an (Hifz-o-Nazrah) was greatly improved. A new test system was introduced, according to which, each student memorizing the Holy Qur’an is subjected to a set of tests that are conducted at the different stages of memorizing the Holy, Qur’an, as: on completion of each part (Parah), each manzil, each ten parts etc. Test details are recorded along with the day and date in the student’s record book. It helps to assess the student’s aptitude at anytime and check the details of the tests conducted at all stages.

His interest in building, for the purpose of expanding Khadimul-Uloom, is very clear. His tireless efforts in financing and meeting all needs and requirements of construction of the new library along with rows of rooms at either side, rooms and residences above the kitchen and above the surrounding complex, the Hadith Lecture Hall (Dar Al-Hadith) along with the attached classrooms and newly built complexes (Dar Al-Jadid) consisting of a number of magnificent two-story buildings (classrooms and residences) on a large piece of land, is known by everyone.

As acting rector (Qaim Maqam Mohtamim)

Whatever department he got a chance to work in, his efforts and performance have had good results, therefore he was always trustworthy to the officials and the members of the advisory board that is why the advisory board unanimously appointed him as the acting rector after the death of Maulana Mohammad Haneef.

As rector (Mohtamim)

After two months, having been satisfied with his performance regarding the affairs of all departments of Khadimul-Uloom, the advisory board appointed him to the post of rector on 17/04/1433 AH corresponding to 11/03/2012 AD as per the following proposal:

For the stability of the administrative affairs of Khadimul-Uloom after the death of Maulana Mohammad Haneef, it is decided after thorough consideration, that Maulana Hamid Hasan, who has been working as pro-rector to the satisfaction of the advisory board for a long time and has good experience in the management of Khadimul-Uloom, is being unanimously promoted by the members of the advisory board, from the position of pro-rector to the position of rector. After this proposal, Maulana Hamid Hasan will act as the rector (Mohtamim).

May Allah grant him a long life of health and prosperity and may Khadimul-Uloom make wide strides of progress and sophistication under his auspices.