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Departments of Management:

Administration Faculty of Education Accountancy Construction
Hostel Kitchen/Mess Electricity Library
Cleanliness Department to Issue Fatwa Da'wah & Preaching Debate Faculty
Printing & Publishing

(1)   Administration:
This is a very active and central department of the Madrasa as it supervises all the educational and administrative departments, and maintains discipline in them. It takes necessary steps on applications and reports of other departments if required and implements the proposals of the Advisory Board. All teachers and employees are bound to follow the guidelines of the Administration to fulfill their duties. This department is accountable to the Advisory Board for all matters.

(2)   Faculty of Education:
Next in importance to the Administration, is the Faculty of Education. It is responsible for all the needs and activities of students and teachers related to educational matters. All the following academic departments work under the supervision of this very department.
(1) Department of Ifta (Islamic law). (2) Department of Arabic Literature. (3) Department of Anglo-Arabic Literature. (4) Department of Arabic (Aalimiyat Course). (5) Department of Tajweed and Qira't (Urdu & Arabic Hafs). (6) Department of Persian Language. (7) Department of Hifz-e-Quran. (8) Department of Nazra-e-Quran. (9) Department of Junior High School. (10) Computer Training Center.

(3)   Department of Accountancy:
Accountancy is a very sensitive department of the Madrasa. It looks into all accounts of income and expenditure. The department undertakes to check all the bills, pays them, and deals with the banks. It prepares the yearly budget of Khadimul-Uloom and tries to limit it within boundaries.
Neither an amount of money is taken without giving a receipt nor it is given without a voucher. All registers of expenses for each category have been maintained separately. All sorts of income and expenditure are audited by the Chartered Accountant. (Visit our website to view the audit report)

(4)   Construction:
This department aims at constructing new buildings, repairing and decorating old ones. Due to increasing the number of students, the construction of their dormitories and classrooms, etc. goes on continuously throughout the year. In the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the construction of the Madrasa. Thus, Hostel, classrooms, mosque, and a magnificent Hadith Lecture Hall (Darul Hadith) have been built on a large piece of land of about 26 Beegha.

(5)   Hostel:
This department manages the student hostels, allots them seats, and deals with their affairs. Keeps a watchful eye on students living style. Teaching and nonteaching staff have been assigned to awake the students and make them responsible for performing congregational prayers, especially at the time of Fajr and Zohar prayers.

(6)   Kitchen/ Mess:
This department is set up to create a tense free educational environment amongst the students and keep them away from non educational activities that they would spend their precious time only for study. The department holds the responsibility of preparing lunch and dinner for students and staff, providing necessary articles, and maintaining records of students getting food from the kitchen at no cost, along with of the students who pay for meals as well as buying & spending consumer items.

(7)   Electricity:
In addition to the power connection, there are three generators. The department of electricity arranges power supply to the offices, mosques, classrooms, hostel, passages and all the places of the Madrasa as per the need. To ensure water supply in toilets, bathrooms, and ablution areas in all the premises of the Madrasa is related to this department. Maintaining all necessary arrangements for electricity, as well as looking after generators are also the responsibilities of this department. Besides it, The Madrasa has a flour mill which is capable of providing flour as per the requirement of the kitchen.

(8)   Cleanliness:
No one can dare to deny the importance of cleanliness. Therefore, it is necessary to pay full attention to cleanliness in the spacious buildings of the Madrasa, that students would study in a clean and tidy environment and maintain always cleanliness. There are three sweepers in the Madrasa who clean up regularly.

(9)  Library:
Any institution needs to have a library for the betterment of education. Therefore, our ancestors had always paid special attention to collecting books. The library has a collection of over 15 thousand books which include a variety of syllabus, and non-syllabus books. The library provides an opportunity for the teachers and students of Khadimul-Uloom to benefit. Furthermore, all students are given syllabus books at no cost and the books taken back when the annual exam is over. The existing books in the library are insufficient due to the increasing number of students. It still needs more books on different types of arts and sciences. All the philanthropists and well-wishers are requested to extend their helping hand towards this great cause. You will surely be rewarded best both here and after, Insha Allah.

(10)  Department to Issue Fatwa:
This is a very significant department of Khadimul-Uloom from which Muslims get religious guidance in their religious and social matters. The questions asked from Darul-Ifta are answered satisfactorily in the light of the Qur'an and Hadith. The copy of the questions and answers is recorded in the register after the signature and seal of the honorable Muftis.

(11)   Da'wah & Preaching:
Students and teachers associated with this department are sent to nearby areas for Da'wah and preaching, so that; they can spread Islamic teachings among Muslims promote religious beliefs and serve the welfare of society.

(12)  Debate Faculty:
The purpose of establishing Islamic Madrasas is not only to create religious awareness among Muslims but also to defend the attack on their faith and beliefs. Therefore, students are taught, in this department, the manner of talking to the false sects as well as responding to them. Students participate and practice with great enthusiasm for this cause, under the supervision of expert teachers, after the Isha prayer, on Thursdays. In the short term, it bore a lot of fruits.

(13)  Computer Training Center:
This is also an important department of the Madrasa. Madrasa records, calendars, receipts, etc. are prepared here. The weekly reformative articles, (by Mufti Aslam sb. Shaikhul-Hadith) which are sent to the mosques of Baghonwali and nearby areas' and are read before Friday prayer in front of public to create religious awareness among them, are also published from here. (These articles have been published in three thick volumes). Apart from this, many written works of Administration, Faculty of Education and Accountancy along with various advertisements are also published from here.