Syllabus of Tajweed and Qira'at
Department of Tajweed Urdu Hafs:
(1) First year:- Memorization of Qawa'idu-t-Tajweed after that "Jamalul Qur'an" (for under standing) and then "Jami'ul-Waqf", practice of different Ruku's with "Tarteel"(Slow recitation of Qur'an)and Para"الم " (Alif laam Meem) and first quarter of parah سيقول (Sayqool) with "Tadweer" (Recitation of Qur'an with medium speed [Between "Tarteel and Hadr"]) and recitation of one Manzil (The whole Qur'an is divided into seven major parts called "Manzils") with Hadar (Rapid recitation of Qur'an). "Urdu ki Teesri kitab" with exercise in writing and dictation, "Basic Maths"-3 with oral and written exercise thrice a week and A.B.C. Englihs Primer thrice a week.
(2) Second year:- Memorization of "Fawaid-e-Makkiya" and five chapters of "Ma'rifatur Rusoom" and the rest book is only to understand the rules. Recitation of different Ruku's with "Tarteel" parah No.29-30 with "Tadweer" and the complete Qur'an with "Hadr". "Fourth book of Urdu" and "Bhasha Kiran" with the exercise of writing and dictation thrice a week respectively. "Basic Math-4" with written and oral exercise and "Basic English Reader" No.1 with writing exercise thrice a week.
Hafs Arbic:-
     "Khulasatul-Bayan" (complete), memorization of "Muqaddamatu-l-Jazriyah" and "Tohfatul-atfal". Recitation of different Ruku's with "Tarteel", parah No.29 and 30 with "Tadweer" and one Manzil with "Hadr".
Qiraat-e-Saba :-
     "Attaiseer liddani" (complete), Memorization of "Shatbiyyah" complete) (upto usool), Memorization of "Raiyyah Fir Rasm" (complete). Exercise of different Ruku's with different Riwayat (motions) and Qir'at (style) through "Tarteel" Recitation of Parah ??? (Part-1) in "Jam'a A'tfi" and Parah No 1,2,3 in "Jam'a Waqfi" and complete Qur'an in "Jam'a Harfi".
Qiraat-E-Ashara: -
a) Qiraat-e-Ashara Sagheer: (Qira't-e-Thalatha), "Alwujuhul-Mufassar" (comp-lete), "Addurratul-Muziyya" (complete) (upto Usool-Hifz), different Ruku's with "Tarteel" and exercise of complete Qur'an through "Jam'a Harfi".
b) Qiraat-E-Ashara Kabeer: Al wujohu Musaffara (complete) Aldurratul-Muzia (complete)
(to usool-e-hifz) Tayyibatun-Nashar complete ( to usool-e-hifz) Jama Atfi para "Alif lam meem" first half. Jama waqfi para "Alif lam meem" second half. Jama Harfi complete Quran, recite in slow motion.
Department of Fauqania:-
1. Class III:- Class- III:- Memorization of "Usoolut-Tajweed" (complete), exercise of Qisar-e-Suwar (Surahs from لم يكن to الناس ) with "Tarteel" and 2nd half of Parah No-30, (عم ) with "Tadweer" (Recitation of Qur'an with medium speed).
2. Class IV:- Memorization of  "Qawa'idul-Tajweed" (complete), One Ruku with "Tarteel" 1st half of Parah No- 30 (عم ) with "Tadweer", and "Suratul-Mulk" to "Suratul-Ma'arij" with "Hadr"
3. Class V :- Memorization of "Usoolut-Tajweed part II," different Ruku's with "Tarteel", complete parah No-29 with "Tadweer" and "Suratul-Ma'arij" to end with "Hadr".
4. Class V(Hifz):- Same as that of III Class of "Fauqania".
Department of Arabic : (Qir'at for students of Arabic classes)
1. Class I:- Memorization of complete "Fawa'id-e-Makkiyyah, different Ruku's with "Tarteel" and Parah No- 28 (complete) with "Hadr".
2. Class II:- Memorization of complete "Jami'ul-Waqf", Memorization of five fusool(Chapters) of "Ma'rifatur-Rusoom, the rest book is only for understanding, exercise of different Ruku's with "Tarteel" and complete Parah No- 27 with "Hadr".
3. Class-III to V:- "Mukhtasar Qawa'id-e-Tajweed", last quarter part( ¼ ) of parah No.30 (عم ) with "Tarteel", 2nd half part ( ½ ) of para No-30 (عم ) with "Tadweer" and complete para No-30 (عم ) with "Hadr".