Procedure of Exams
     To reinforce the educational and up-bringing system of the students and boost their knowledge and ability, the Madrasa conducts two exams in a year like other Islamic institutions do. In fact the Madrasa is well known to have a unique and active educational system amongst all the Madrasas in western Uttar Pradesh. Hence, more and more students seek admission in it.

     Examiners from Darul-uloom Deoband, Mazahirul-uloom Saharanpur and other famous seminaries are invited on the occasion of  half yearly and annual exams and their observations are always positively implemented.
Written exams are conducted under the rigorous vigilance of teachers and occasionally members of the governing council visit the examination hall.

     To make the checking of answer sheets very secure and fair the entry page is separated and a code is put on it. So that the examiner could not know whose answer sheet is being checked by him and minimizing the chance of favouritism.
System of Invigilating Education and its control.
     We have a very strong system of invigilating all the educational departments in this Madrasa. Which infact ensures reputation and standard of the institution. Some high lights are as follows:
. In the department of "Hifz" when a student completes one para (Part of Qur'an) he is sent to be examined. Each student is referred to the head of the department of education and he examines him. Thus "Sabqan Para" gets standardized which is a principal point (for hifz).
. The students who complete their Hifz Qur'an have to pass through the same examination seven Manzils of Qur'an, for which each of them has a prescribed note book having the complete record of tests. When the session ends, the head of the department checks each student's note book that no one is left. Then, at the end of the session, all the "Huffaz" are assessed collectively and awarded the certificate if succeeded.
. All the subjects of Arabic class I and II are tested each month. The list of successful candidates is announced, on the other hand action is taken against the failures. Other classes are evaluated by the head himself as and when needed. As a result teachers and students are always active in their educational performance.
     Attendance is compulsory in the noon (as this time is spared to have a nap before the Zuhr prayer), after "Maghrib" and "Isha" prayers as it is done during the classes are on for which each class have a register. Absentees are strictly dealt with by the concerned teachers. Mobile phones are strictly banned in the campus as it disturbs their education. Our aim is to engage them in only constructive activities. Hence, if someone is found having a mobile, it is immediately taken into custody and his stipend is stopped.
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