Teaching and Non Teaching Staff

Faculy Members of Arabic Department

1. Mr. Alhaj Muolana Hamid Hasan sb. Rector
2. Mr. Maulana Abdul Sattar sb.       

Head Lecturer & Exam Registrar
Head of the Department of Education

3. Mr. Mufti Mohd. Aslam sb . Professor of Hadith & Arabic (First)
4. Mr. Maulana Ali Hasan sb. Arabic Teacher
5. Mr. Maulana Mohd. Salman sb.   Arabic Teacher
6. Mr. Mufti Mohd. Azam sb. Arabic Teacher
7. Mr. Mufti Mohd. Ghufran sb. Arabic Teacher
8. Mr. Mufti Alamgeer sb. Arabic Teacher
9. Mr. Mufti Mohd. Mustafa sb. Arabic Teacher
10. Mr. Mufti Mohd. Aneesur Rahman sb. Arabic Teacher
11. Mr. Mufti Ali Hasan sb. Arabic Teacher
12. Mr. Mufti Mohd Adnan sb. Arabic Teacher
13. Mr. Maulana Mohd. Shah Alam sb. Arabic Teacher
14. Mr. Mufti Abdul Qadir sb. Arabic Teacher
15. Mr. Muhd. Suhaib sb. Arabic Teacher
Faculy Members of "Tajwed-o-Qir'at" Department
16. Mr. Qari Mohd. Akmal sb.  Tajweed-o-Qiraat Teacher
17. Mr. Qari Shakeel Akhtar sb. Tajweed-o-Qiraat Teacher
18. Mr. Qari Muhd. Danish sb. Tajweed-o-Qiraat Teacher
Faculy Members of "Hifz-Qur'an" Department
19. Mr. Hafiz Mohd. Tayyib sb. Hifz Teacher
20. Mr. Hafiz Mohd. Mursalin  sb. Hifz Teacher
21. Mr. Qari Nawab Alam sb. Hifz Teacher
22. Mr. Qari Mohd. Luqman sb. Hifz Teacher
23. Mr. Qari Mohd. Ikram sb.   Hifz Teacher
24. Mr. Qari Mohd. Farman Khan sb.  Hifz Teacher
25. Mr. Qari Abdul Qadir sb. Hifz Teacher
26. Mr. Qari Mohd. Shahnawaz sb. Hifz Teacher
27. Mr. Qari Abdus Samad sb.  Hifz Teacher
28. Mr. Qari Muhd. Shahvez sb. Hifz Teacher
29. Mr. Qari Muhz. Intakhab sb. Hifz Teacher

Faculy Members of "Nazra-Qur'an" Department

30. Mr. Qari Abdul Wajid sb.   Nazra Teacher
31. Mr. Qari Parvez Alam sb.    Nazra Teacher
32. Mr. Muhd. Ahtasham sb.     Nazra Teacher
33. Mr. Qari Liyaqat sb. Nazra Teacher
34. Mr. Qari Abdul Hafeez  sb  Nazra Teacher
35. Mr. Qari Abdur Raheem sb. Nazra Teacher
36. Mr. Qari Abdul Momin sb. Nazra Teacher
37. Mr. Qari Muhd. Asad sb. Nazra Teacher
38. Mr. Qari Muhd. Saqib sb. Nazra Teacher

Primary Teacher
39. Mr. Naimatullah Khan sb Primary Teacher
40. Mr. Mohd Alam sb Primary Teacher
41. Mr. Mohd. Shameem sb  Primary Teacher
42. Mr. Waseem Ahmad sb Primary Teacher
43. Mr. Moulana Muhd. Mudassir sb. Primary Teacher

Administrative Staff
44. Mr. Alhaj Maulana Hamid Hasan sb. Administrator

Finance Office Staff
45. Mr. Hafiz Muneer Alam sb Accountant
46. Mr. Moulana Abdur Rahman sb. Account Clerk
47. Mr. Moulana Muhd. Rashid sb. Account Clerk
48. Mr. Moulana Habibullah sb. Account Clerk
49. Mr. Hafiz Mohd. Tanveer sb. Peon

Office staff of Department of Education
50. . Mr. Maulana Sayyed Mohd. Anzar sb                Clerk

51. Mr. Maulana Mohd. Suhaib sb Clerk

Dietary Staff
52. Mr. Munshi Naseer Ahmad sb Incharge
53. Mr. Maulana Sagheer Ahmad sb Clerk

Electrical Staff
54. Mr. Mohd. Alam sb Electrician

Faculty Members of Computer Department
55. Mr. Qari Shah Fehmeed Ali sb Computer Teacher

Hostel Wardens
56. Mr. Mufti Aneesur Rahman sb. Warden
57. Mr. Mufti Mohd. Aazam sb. Warden
58. Mr. Moulana Mohd. Shah Aalam sb. Warden
59. Mr. Moulana Mohd. Suhaib sb.     Warden

Cleaning for Mosque
60. Mr. Mulla Mohd. Imran sb Cleaner

Gardening & Sanitary  Staff (Sweepers)
63. ( 3 Janitors)  

Cooking Staff
69. ( 6 Cooks)  
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