Maulana Mohammad Haneef Sahab, Rector of Madrasa
"Life and Service"
Genealogy: His name is Mohammad Haneef and his father's name is Miyanji Ghulam Mohammad. He was born in a village-Malakpur Nahar, District Saharanpur in Uttar Pradehs in 1922 C.E. He belongs to a farmer family.
Education: After completing primary education (Arabic) upto "Sharh Jami" from Jamia Islamia Reerhi Tajpura, he went to Darul-Uloom Deoband and studied there upto "Mukhta-Sarul-Ma'ani" and after that he left for Mazahirul-Uloom Saharanpur and graduated (got Fazeelat certificate) from there in 1947. He also pledged before Hazrat Maulana Syed Husain Ahmad Madni. He attains high character. He is an example of patience and for bearance and is far away from show off and a staunch follower of the traditions of the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)
The students will become an ardent Islamic preachers with Islamic education that they got from this Madrasa.
Teaching Services: After completing "Fazeelat" he rendered teaching service in his first Madrasa Jamia Islamia Reerhi Tajpura for eight years. He was sent to Madrasa Khadimul-Uloom as the administrator by the organization in 1955. The way with great efforts, Sincerity and in a beautiful manner he served Madrasa, is an extra-ordinary work. He always considered the work as his obligation and loved it that each and every moment he tried his level best for its educational upliftment and devoted himself completely to expand its construction. Hence, the Madrasa today has six departments of education eight sections of Nazra, ten sections of Hifz, three classes of Fauqania (As per the syllabus of state government upto class 5), department of Tajweed, department of Arabic (upto Dora-e-Hadith Shareef), department of Arabic literature and department of Computer.
He always concentrated rather on the quality of education than the quantity of departments that Madrasa Khadimul-Uloom is well known for quality education in the area today as well. When he was appointed, the Madrasa had a few rooms in its campus so he expanded the campus and today it has all small and large 325 rooms consisting of Library, Darul-Hadith (under construction) and a grand two-storied Mosque. The area of the Mosque was expanded and the second storey was built under his supervision
Through sincerity, love and rigorous Endeavour during his 56 years of administrative services, he left such impression not only on the village but also the entire area that they all became his devotees.
His presence, no doubt, is a great asset for the workers of Madrasa Khadimul-Uloom Baghonwali and Bajheri and the entire region. May he live long! Ameen.
"May  you  live  long  years of thousand
And each year have days fifty thousand"

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"May he be alive for thousand years.
  May day of every year be a fifty thousand."
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