How to Donate ?
       Those who wish to donate for the upliftment and completion of the projects of "Madrasa Khadimul-uloom" can either hand over their donation and charity (Zakat) to the area representatives of it or send through money order, draft or cheques directly to the Madrasa. A receipt of collection will shortly be sent back to the donor at his/her address.
  Note- Please write on the cheque or draft only.
  Details of Bank Accounts
  Incase, donors deposit or transfer the amount straight to the account, inform us via mail. We shall confirm their deposits.
Current A/c Numbers Account Name Bank Name Branch
4325 Madrasa Islamia Arabia Khadimululoom Punjab & Sindh Bank Ansari Road, MuzaffarNagar
0332000100173554 Madrasa Islamia Arabia Khadimululoom Baghonwali Muzaffarnagar (U.P) Punjab National Bank Shiv Chowk Muzaffarnagar (U.P)
911010031209180 Madrasa Islamia Arabia
Axis Bank Court Road Muzaffarnagar
Donate for construction projects
     Various construction projects are in progress right now. It is a great opportunity to support the Madrasa for the projects, mentioned below:
Water Pool of the Mosque: The present pool of the grand mosque of the Madrasa (for making Wadu (Ablution)) is of less capacity due to growing number of students. A large water pool, 45X30 feet size is in the planning. The approximate cost of which is Rupees 10,00,000/- (One million Indian rupees). Hence, donors are requested to lead their exclusive hand.
Library: We have been informing our donors through our minutes for last some years that books have been arranged in a newly built large hall of library, but due to starting "Dora-e-Hadith Shareef" and other courses of specialization, we are in dire need of more books, furniture and carpets. So that students would continue their study. The estimated budget for that is Rupees 15,00,000/- (One million and five Lac Indian rupees)..
Donation for Goods
. Study and course books for the library of "Khadimul-Uloom"
. Furniture and carpets for the hall of library.
. Construction materials (Bricks, Iron, Cement and Wood etc).
. Fans and other electrical appliances for the class rooms.
. Chirm Qurbani (Slaughtered animal's skin) on the occasion of "Eidul Adh-ha"
. Computers for different offices and departments.
. Food material for the boarding students (Wheat, Rice etc).
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