For Perfection of constructional planning An earnest Appeal
      By the grace of Almighty. The Madrasa is going on the path of progress to continue services its religious, educational, civelizational and morality Certainly it is the reason of our brave Muslims' Cooperation who always have helped the Madrasa for huge amount or small amount. Especially those personalities is co-operated with their special attention anxiety for the welfare and development of the seminary in all respects. We are the servants of the institution are obliged in every condition and manners. We pray to God for them and their offspring that -Oh God protect to all our donators for this religious services and bestowed His blessings and resource to lead their lives according to Him.
      Once again we request to general and special donators today, Pleas contribute with courage and capacity for the completion of the constructional programme and take part for eternal place to build a class room for their deceased, close relatives for God blessings. Which Insha Allah will abide for ever till The day of resurrection and you will continue to get the future reward of a virtue till Dooms Day.
Estimate a big room with Varandah Rs 3,16000 Three Lac Sixteen Thousand
Estimate a big gate Rs 5,00000
Estimate of Darul Hadees Completion Rs 75,00000 Seventy five Lac
Estimate of Mosque,s reservoir Rs 10,00000 Ten Lac
      We sincerely anticipate, the seminary will receive your huge contribution at this time as for ever.
Maulana Hamid Hasan
Madrasa Khadimul-uloom
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