Additions, Plans and New Buildings
Madrasa “Khadimul Uloom” favored by your love, loyalty and trustfulness, is constantly on its path towards success. The institution has gained so much popularity and admiration that it is now the destination of the students arriving to get enrolled, from far flung areas of the country. There is no doubt that the above said accomplishment reflects obviously, the loyalty and dedication among the philanthropists who extend their help to the institution. By the virtue of Allah- the Almighty, construction of three sides of the ground floor of “Dar-e- Jadeed” has been done as per the proposed map. A side of “Dar –e- Jadeed” ground floor, in which Darul Hadith does exist, has also been furnished with 23 rooms of the first story along with the veranda. There is a project of constructing 56 rooms in one story of Dar –e- Jadeed apart from the building of Darul Hadith, while the paint and other works in “Dar –e- Jadeed” are still awaited. The construction of the south wing of “Dar –e- Jadeed” according to the proposed map is also a part of the project. The construction of Darul Hadith is nearly complete but the construction of the big central dome could not be accomplished. This beautiful and attractive building is being prepared in a special way.

In the north of Darul Hadith 8 rooms with veranda and a main gate has also been built. So the number of the rooms of “Dar –e- Jadeed” has reached 48 rooms. While the number of the rooms above Darul Hadith and near the new masjid is 75 in total.

The under construction new masjid:
The old masjid was no longer enough because of the increasing number of the students, so a large number of the prayerers, during the rain, winter and scorching heat, were compelled to perform prayers in the outer and open part of the masjid. Considering this crying need, the foundation stone of a new masjid was laid by Maulana Syed Arshad Madani and soon after the construction of the masjid as per the map was started. This masjid is 6000 feet squire. The ground floor has been constructed but the finishing of the floor, furniture and paint is remaing.

The benevolent are requested to enthusiastically contribute to the construction of this new masjid.

The ablution basin (Hauz) of the masjid:

Because of large masjid and increasing number of the students, the present basin is insufficient and a larger one i.e. 30*45 feet squire basin is needed. The estimate for its construction is Rs. 1000000. So the benevolent are requested to extend their support for this noble task too.

As our philanthropists have known through the details that the library’s big hall has been constructed and equipped with books too but after the inception of Dorah –e- Hadith (Fazilat) and other post fazilat courses more books are required. The library hall is to be furnished with carpet and furniture so that the students may sit and study there and the estimate of this expense is Rs. 4,50,000.

Help by materials:
*Course and study books for the Khadimul Uloom Library * Furniture and carpet for the library hall so that the students may sit and study there *Material for the completion of the construction projects * Fans and other electrical items for the classrooms * Leather of sacrifice * Computers for different offices and departments * food stuff for the students

New Construction Projects:
The building of Hadith house has been completed now.

And electricity fitting is to be done every soon. It is our planning while the building of small domes has beer, completed. Every year the number of students is increasing. So the necessity of buildings and other needs have been increased naturally.

The pressure of classrooms and hostels is very heavy on the management of the Madrasa statement. The expenditure of a big room is three lacks and sixteen thousand rupees only (360000-00).

The building of new mosque the Wadhu House the third face of Madrasa building and other buildings in northern and eastern portion have been completed. Still its painting remains to be completed.
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